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1. What is the best way to jump-start the economy?
Reduce taxes and regulation
Government spending on infrastructure projects

2. The government should ensure that all Americans have affordable health insurance.

3. The federal debt ceiling should be raised.

4. Gay marriage should
Be legal
Be illegal
Be left to the states to decide

5. Tax policy should
Tax the rich more so things are more fair
Tax corporations less
Tax everyone less
Change to a flat tax so things are simpler

6. How should we deal with illegal immigrants who are already in this country?
Prevent them from working so they leave
Deport them
Provide a path to legality

7. How should we reduce our reliance on foreign oil?
Develop clean energy
Drill for fossil fuels in the U.S.
Drill for fossil fuels in the U.S. and develop clean energy

8. How should we deal with Iran's plans to develop nuclear weapons?
Sanctions and diplomacy
Sanctions and preparation for military action
Covert operations to overthrow their government
Do nothing and mind our own business

9. What is the most important educational reform to implement?
Give parents more control over education
Set standards and hold schools accountable
Improve math and science education

10. Should banks and other financial institutions be regulated?
Yes, a lot
Yes, but only slightly
No, essentially not at all

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